Client Testimonials 

I have been bringing my 8 yr old granddaughter to Kathy for a couple of months now. Kathy is so great with her and my granddaughter loves coming here. Along with the sound and vibration Kathy gives her tools she can use on a daily basis to help her. I also join in when we meditate with the singing bowls and I feel happier and more energetic. I would definitely recommend this for anyone young or old.

Karen W. May 13, 2019

I just had an amazing session with Kathy at her new beautiful space. What felt like the most relaxing 15 minutes was actually an hour. I appreciate all the extras she adds to her sessions to make it individual to each client. highly recommend! ♡♡♡

Christine D.     February 17, 2019


Kathy is a no-nonsense healer with a quick wit. I have enjoyed her singing bowls, tuning forks, and reiki in the restorative yoga classes that she teaches with Rose, and I have never experienced anything else quite like it. Kathy is continually expanding her repertoire of tools and techniques of sound and energy healing. Handmade zafus, eye pillows, and other accoutrements also make Jivana a fun place to shop local!

Jay J.        March 26, 2019


Kathy is an incredibly gifted sound healer, teacher and creative artist. I received an amazing chakra clearing during one of her tuning fork sessions. She has a special way of attuning to the vibration of sound and subtle waves of the energy body. She recently worked on my 10-year-old son who has a hard time slowing his energy down. It was profound how he reacted to the sound frequencies, lulled into the vibration and slept like a rock that night!

Kristen B.   September 28, 2018


I highly recommend Jivana! In addition to the beautifully made clothing and accessories, the energy healing sessions are outstanding. I recently had a tuning fork session that not only helped me to feel more grounded and peaceful but eased my shoulder pain. Kathleen demonstrates expertise in sound healing therapy, Reiki, and vibrational therapies .... all combined with her compassion and commitment to healing. Call for your appointment today!

Karen C.  August 31, 2018


I recently was reacquainted with Kathy and want to share how refreshing it has been reconnecting with her. She introduced me to singing bowls at a summer solstice celebration and I am profoundly grateful. The vibrations are so deep and nourishing. Kathy graciously shared with me the experience of Tuning Fork vibration therapy which included a sampling of gongs, singing bowls and reiki. I received a full health intake assessment and this related to the 5 Elements to provide a treatment plan for my needs. The fact that Kathy has years of experience as a nurse professional and the gift of healing compassion is inspirational. Her depth of knowledge and understanding of human body systems and health conditions parlays well with energy healing and provides confidence. In addition, Kathy shares knowledge and provides guidance and recommendations. Through this experience I began grounding myself and meditating again and breath work feel a change of renewal. You will feel welcomed and cared for and confident with her knowledge, skills and healing energy. I have now had 3 separate treatments and plan to continue. With this and with dissertation comes a recommendation in the highest regard. Thank you Kathy

Katrina P.  September 22, 2018


I had an amazing session today on the Ereada Bio-Magnetic Photon Amethyst Mat while listening to meditation music.
Warming, restful and healing!

Karl W.   January 13, 2019